Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Catching you up ...

After having an enjoyable Thanksgiving at Don and Sherri's we had another Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday out on "the cape" (Cape Cod) with Sherri's mom and her family.  However, before Saturday we had a little more snow and the thermometer plunged to 17 degrees (F). This is the coldest we have yet endured and hope that will forever remain Phaeth's record. 

But if you are seven, you will find the change in seasons something to enjoy!

We were graciously invited to our second Thanksgiving feast by Sherrri's mom, Marcia and her boy friend, Bob.
Of course, out on "the cape", a lot of people live in a style of house called the Cape Cod.  This is Sherri's grandfather's house where we all feasted.
Dorothy uses her cousin Joseph to hide from my picture taking. On the left is Joseph's sister, Sophia, an aspiring young thespian.

From the left: Sherri's aunt Judy, uncle Trenor, Sherri's mother's boyfriend Bob, Don, Sherri and Joanie.

From the left: Sherri's grandfather, Trenor (Sr.), neighbor Dottie, Sherri's cousin Jen, Sherri's sister Heather and Heather's husband Jeff.

Sherri's cousin Jen took the camera from me so I could be included.
Sunday the weather warmed up and melted all the snow off of Phaeth which was a good thing because on Monday we unhooked everything, dumped the tanks, filled up with fresh water, pulled out and headed south.  This is the longest we have ever stayed in one place.  The road was calling to us.  Monday morning dawned clear and sunny and we headed south by west.  We felt good listening to the tires on the highway singing to us.
Matamoras, Pennsylvania was as far as we got Monday afternoon.  We are parked at Tri-State RV Park on the Delaware river just over the New York state line.  They are calling for a small amount of winter precipitation this afternoon. Tomorrow we will head father west and south. 
This is a very good camp ground on flat bottom land created by the thousands of years of the Delaware river flooding.  All the sights are level, the infrastructure is all relatively updated.  It has the fastest WIFI we have yet encountered and good cable TV.

You can see the Pocono mountains from here.

The RV park is just off I-84 which makes this stop very convenient.  It also has two very large bill boards.  This one stands right over us and at night sends it's light down through our skylight.  Luckily they shut the lights off at midnight.  Because our windows and door are shut tight against the cold, we are not bothered the sounds of the cars and trucks on the highway next to us.  There is something comforting to a couple of tired, old road salts like us to fall asleep to the soft dronings and vibrations of big rigs making their way through the night.

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  1. I fall asleep easily listening to the drone of traffic. Too quiet, not so much. Keep safe heading toward toward warmer climes.