Saturday, November 22, 2014

The First Thanksgiving ...

We are not far from where the very first thanksgiving was celebrated 393 years ago.  We hope to jump in the Jeep and go see some of historic Massachusetts tomorrow - knee willing. Maybe we will be near Plymouth and see where the first thanksgiving feast took place.

As a country, I think we have lost some of the foundation of what Thanksgiving means: Approaching your Creator with a grateful heart is the beginning of blessings.  We cannot be open to the Grace of God with all of It's Blessings without first giving thanks for what we have been given unconditionally in Love.

May we remember that Thanksgiving is a day when we acknowledge God for being The Provider of all that we have.

Yesterday Kaylee's first grade class presented an historical recitation of the first thanksgiving.  Grand parents were allowed to come and somehow we all squeezed into the classroom to be entertained. I made sure I had a front row seat.  Being here in Massachusetts I found this to be particularly appropriate.  The class did an outstanding job and I enjoyed the performance immensely!

The story was told in rhyme in groups 3 -5 students per stanza.

Everyone was very excited and not everyone could deal with "the stage freight" in the same way. Tears were one way...

... for Kaylee it was like two cups of coffee too many.

Kaylee aboard the Mayflower.

Getting ready to go "onstage".

"Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens" - Abraham Lincoln who established Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November.


Last night Don and Sherri took us to dinner at Not Your Average Joe's. 
Waiting for our dinner to be served we played an old family game - "guess what it is".  Someone draws a picture and you take turns guessing. I lost on a chocolate chip cookie.

Dorothy did not want me to take her picture...

...while Kaylee wanted to do a statue of liberty pose.

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