Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nor'easters and Football

The day after Halloween the skies turned dark, the wind picked up and we are now in the middle of another nor’easter.  Not being a New Englander myself, I am amazed at the duration of these storms.  Storms in the south east run their course in just a few hours.  These nor’easters go on for days!  The storm blew rain horizontally all day yesterday.  Joanie went shopping yesterday then we went to Mass and there was no let up.

Temperature dropped to 38º last night and the wind rattled and banged the toppers all night long.  I got up once to check systems and look out the windows as I can see two of the toppers from inside by shinning my flashlight out the window – didn’t want to go out in the cold rain and wind.

The wind blew off our sign.

Like the last storm we kept the patio, door and window awnings rolled up and put away.  We purchased a heated fresh water hose a few weeks ago and when the temperature is predicted to go below 32º (tonight!) I will remove the old one and install the heated hose.  The bugger is expensive so I don’t want it stolen or broken before we need it.  We have heated the house with just one small space heater (draws about 10 amps) and the forward heat pump and have been quite comfortable.  I keep the rear thermostat set for LP furnace since it heats the wet bay as well as the rear of the coach.  If we were to lose shore power while we are asleep the battery bank would run the furnace, keep us warm and keep the tanks from freezing.  Since we have been camped in Massachusetts, neither furnace has come on.  Tonight may be a different story.

The weather man predicted wet snow for western and central Massachusetts today but I don’t think it will get cold enough to stick.  

Denver plays New England today in Foxboro and the storm is predicted to keep things interesting.  Of course I would not show any favoritism myself (especially in this state or to the Texans parked next to us) but I will be pulling for Peyton Manning and Denver.  IMHO, Peyton is a much better QB than Tom Brady.  Peyton’s work ethic is superlative and his character exceeds Brady’s.  Both are Hall of Famers.  Good football! 

Some wet snow flakes are now falling – time to get my second cup of coffee and dunk my apple cider doughnut.




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