Monday, November 3, 2014

Here Comes the Sun...

Today the sun rose bright and clear boosting our spirits as only light can.  After a two and a half day storm we in for a little nice weather.  Hurrah!

Compare the photo above to the one in yesterday's.  We hadn't seen the sun in at least 3 days.  The wind is still brisk but it is not rocking and rolling and not making noise with the slide toppers.

The temperature was predicted to drop lower than we had yet experienced so yesterday I prepared by getting out our electrically heated water hose and put a drop light in the wet bay to keep it warm. So I looked at ways to electrically connect these two things.  I hiked through the snow flakes and rain blasted on me by the wind to the campground store to see if they had a 30 amp to 15 amp dog bone or adapter so I could use the 30 amp side of the campground's electrical post. (I had forgotten that we had had problems the first day we were here and that the post electrics had to be reworked and were unreliable and sure enough, it didn't work).  While at the store the clerk told me that heated water hoses were OUTLAWED in this RV park, that we could be kicked out for using one and that we would have to disconnect from the campground water during freezing temperatures or be liable for any damage to the water system with an $800.00 fine! "Are you kidding?!" , was my response and was handed a new sheet of rules that we had not been given when we arrived. They said that those heated water hoses were "unreliable".  So on my way back I looked at what other campers were doing and I saw a couple of those heated water hoses in use by long term campers.  NEW RULES!  NEW RULES! And only randomly enforced.

I believe that this camp ground's water system is falling apart and the owner (who really doesn't want to be doing this anymore) is tired of patching together the utilities and is getting tough so he can collect new revenue to pay for repairs.

My education continues.

And Denver looked bad against the Pats.

I didn't get a good night's rest as I was up a few times checking temperatures, hearing the wind rattle the toppers and finally switching over from the heat pump to the furnaces at about 4:30 AM as heat pumps are ineffective in temperatures below about 34 degrees. I was up at 6:15 with first light and when I walked the dogs I saw that yesterday's rain puddles were solid ice. It must have gotten down to 28 or so and the weather page on my computer confirmed that. 

But with the light comes hope and the upward movement of the thermometer.  By 8 AM I had the water hooked back up and turned off and stowed the wet bay light. 

Winds from the storm are still with us this morning but not as bad.

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