Thursday, November 27, 2014


Today is the day that was set aside by our founding fathers to give thanks to our Creator for all that He has given us.  When we approach God with a grateful heart, we are assured that He will continue to bless us.

I am thankful that the storm was not as bad as originally predicted - 9 to 15 inches of frozen precipitation.  The thermometer is hanging around the 32 degree mark and it is expected to go up to 39 today with plenty of sunshine so I'm hoping that most will be gone by the time it freezes tonight.  The pictures above are from this morning; only an inch and a half.  Lobo loves the snow! He'd stay out in it all day if he could.  Juni, on the other hand, is a little addled by the white stuff.  She is more a terrier and wants to be able to smell the ground which she could not do very easily this morning.  You can see the ground exposed under the coach and that is where she wanted to go.
They have already plowed the roads here in the campground and the roads and highways are clear here.  They know how to deal with this stuff up here in the north east.  
Joanie cooked most of the day yesterday in preparation for today's feast and we learned that we must not run our space heaters while also using the convection oven.  Yes we blew a circuit.  Another lesson.  I hope I'm paying attention.
We are headed to our oldest son's house today for Thanksgiving.  Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving again out on Cape Cod with Sherri's mom and sister and her family. I will see if I can get some photos and post them.
Safe travels to everyone!

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