Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Hallows Eve

Of course we had to be with Dorothy and Kaylee on Halloween! More than a week ago the girls made their final decisions on what they wanted be on Halloween and grandma made it her goal to make the costumes. 
Hey, grandpa, see my witch's hat? 

Hey, grandpa, let me take a picture of you in the witch's hat!

Dorothy and Kaylee with their yard decoration.
Dorothy tries on her halo. No effect.

Grandma works to get Kaylee in costume which included a black wig that needed special attention and additions.

Dorothy's ready to go as an angel. She really looked like one!

Kaylee in her Legend of Korra costume. (I had no clue as to who The Legend of Korra was. Luckily the young saleswoman at Party City was familiar with the character.  We Googled "Legend of Korra" and immediately had a picture.)

Ready to have some fun "trick or treating".

Korra needs some candy!

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