Friday, October 3, 2014

In East Stroudsburg, PA

We are still up in the Poconos enjoying visiting family and the colors of autumn. 

My sister Denise and her husband Vinnie and my sister Betsy and her husband Mike.

My nephew Michael and his girlfriend Jess.
Betsy and Mike came over to visit.

Yesterday, we had a big picnic.  We cooked out on our fire ring, made s'mores and serenaded the entire RV park with four part harmony renditions of old songs that at least one of us knew the word.  Mom must have smiled down on us hearing her genetic harmony.

Sitting around the campfire remembering old times and telling new stories. From l-r: Joanie, Mike, Betsy and Marcie.

From l-r: My sister Marcie, Vinnie and Denise.
Roasting marshmallows for s'mores. SMOKIN'!

The sun came out briefly at sunset to kiss the tops of the autumn mountains.
For you, Ila: This is the view today from our picture window.  (Next week we have a totally different view).



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