Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family …

We drove north to the Delaware Water Gap because it was near my sisters.  We have been traveling north while it seems all the other RVs are going south.  But occasionally we get behind an RV that is just as crazy as we are – fearless in the face of winter.
We have been visiting more of my family, visited my mother’s grave in Montclair, and went to Mass at the church we were married in, which is the church where my sister is choir director and sings.

Joanie in the door way of the church in which we were married 44 years ago and our oldest son was Christened

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Montclair, NJ

My sister Betsy, Kaelynn, my nephew Nick (Kaelynn's father), Randi (Nick's wife) Chris, Cynthia and my brother-in-law Mike

Chris, my brother-in-law Mike and his son "Big Nick"

My niece Cynthia Hazel and her significant other Chris

Randi, Kaelynn & my sister Betsy.  Yes, my sister totally spoils her grand daughter, Kaelynn.

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