Sunday, October 19, 2014

Being a full-timer ...

A wonderful asset to being a full timer is the experience of attending Mass at many different churches.  We have been to services in huge, mega churches where the congregation numbered in the high hundreds and we have participated at Mass where we were part of just a handful. Poor churches and wealthy churches.  Old buildings that were once a different denomination and new, contemporary designed churches “in the round”. 
What remains constant are the souls who come to seek the Peace that passeth understanding. They are old, they are young and they are in need.  They know that they are better off here than any place else.  That’s why they come.  That’s why they spend so much time here.


Today at Mass at The Church of the Immaculate Conception in Marlborough, Massachusetts we were treated to the best choir we've ever heard at Mass.  Another joy!


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  1. As we travel we also volunteer with a mission of the United Methodist Church. So of course we visit various Methodist Churches all over the country. Each has it's own personality. Truly one of pleasures of fulltiming.