Saturday, September 13, 2014

Oh, how the mighty have been laid low...

Thursday, about noon time, we were at Walgreen to have prescriptions filled and get flu shots.  For folks over 65 years old, they give a vaccine that is 4 times the normal dose because as we grow older we have built up immunities to the flu which will actually prevent the vaccine from working.  This Walgreen had only one "senior" dose left so Joanie got the regular shot and I got the "senior" shot.

We had guests over for dinner and soon after we said goodnight to them, boom!  It hit me.  The predicted side effects of getting the shot.  I had all the symptoms, severe fatigue and even a fever.  Thank goodness for Tylenol. 

Most of the day Friday I was still not feeling well but by noon I was regaining my strength and I ran a few errands.  Today I am 100% or at least as close as 66 years old will allow me and Joanie doesn't seem to have been affected much at all.

We have had full blown bouts of the flu in our life time, mostly before the invention of flu shots and I can attest that I do not want it ever again.  That is why we get the flu shot. I will gladly put up with this 18 hour downer for the sake of not getting the real bug.  It is very important for seniors (and small children) to be protected because bad complications can result from getting the flu for people with suppressed or compromised immune systems.

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