Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catching up north ...

September 26 to 29 we were in Carlisle, PA.  Because it was a weekend in fall it was crowded and all the camp sights were close together.  We felt a littler crowded-in compared to what we have enjoyed thus far full-timing. We were able to put out our big awning but just barely.  Lots of campfires all around us and all the noise of kids having a great time was joyful to us.

We parked next to Dawn and Gary, a super nice couple who just retired and took to the fulltime RV lifestyle like ourselves.  Had some good chats and we wish them Godspeed as they head to Florida in their new 5th wheel.
Color in Carlisle, PA.

On the 29th we rode into the Pocono Mountains and are now camped at KOA Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mt RV park in East Stroudsburg, PA. 
This was sunset last evening looking east.  The setting sun cast a warm glow from the west to the east. Neat!

Just in a week we have seen a time-lapse transition from summer to peak color fall.  Glorious! Yes, we are "leaf-peepers".  A leaf-peeper is a city person who drives out into the country to see the colors of autumn.  It is a term used in the tourist industry.  So if you have ever taken a ride out of town and enjoyed God's color pallet, then you, too, are a LEAF-PEEPER!

None of these photos have been run through PhotoShop. (Cause I  can't run it on this darn MS Surface RT tablet computer.)


  1. Leonard and I were just talking the other day wondering if the leaves were changing just north of us. You answered our question.

    1. Phyllis,
      I have difficulty with this computer replying to comments on the blog. I am not ignoring you.

    2. Wow! It went through! At least it looks like it did.

      Hope you are doing better. Glad to see you finished your therapy. Hope you get back on the road again soon. We are in East Stroudsburg, PA this week and the colors are beautiful! We are a bit higher up in the Poconos. When we come down a bit, the colors are greener.