Monday, August 18, 2014

Visiting the Kids

If you feel that I have been neglecting my post (pun intended), I have but I have a very good excuse.  We have been camped at Sunset Beach, NC and running over to Ocean Isle Beach to see the kids.
It has been a great two weeks and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely!  It has also been very busy with little down time to write posts. 

One of our adventures included a trip to Myrtle Beach to the Pirate's Voyage show.  For the day we were all pirates or mermaids.  The show is top notch!  We all had a good time, even the little ones!  Fire, water, cannons and pistols booming, feasting, sea lions, dogs, parrots flying, mermaids diving, acrobats, songs, ghosts and treasure! Arrgh!


We spent a day with Kaylee shopping for school clothes at Belk in Wilmington and a day with Dorothy doing the same.  I used my retiree's discount which helped somewhat. We stopped for lunch at a local eatery near the mall. This is Dorothy.  She has grown up since our last shopping trip.  We had to go to the junior department for her wardrobe.

This part of the coast of the Carolinas faces the Atlantic to the south.  The sun rose at one end of the beach and set at the other.
The best place to have ice cream is out on the deck where it can be washed off easily. This is Emory, Deaglan and Kaylee.

Sit around and watch a movie when ya' get tired of running on the beach