Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Comments on the human condition

 “The good old days” is a very relative term.  If you are young, you have not experienced enough days in which to make a comparison and if days were indeed “good”, what made them better than others?  So in examining our condition and making an evaluation, we each encounter different variables.  Were the “good old days” really better?

Anyone wishing to make a statement on the current state of the human condition will have to admit that it will be very subjective and prone to be only one view.

This is mine.

A recent encounter with the dark side of life has caused me to make an evaluation about the current state of human affairs.  Without going into much detail, my encounter with the dark side was having my debit card number hacked and someone attempted to steal from me. I don’t know who this person was; it could have been someone in another country for all I and the authorities know.  I was told that the person will probably not be arrested or brought to justice.

I do know that when I was young this type of theft did not happen. Technology has expanded the ability of an immoral person to be a thief, a robber, an abuser; for someone who lacks values to be evil.  (I have come to the conclusion that by eliminating my exposure to technology, I might limit my exposure to evil people).  Are there more evil people in the world now than when I was younger? Has technology made it easier for people to succumb to temptation?  However you want to look at it, the lack of values in our culture is the driving force of evil.  God has been taken out of our society and without God, society has no basis for values by which to conduct itself. 

So, I have come to the logical and objective conclusion that the current condition of humanity is not better than it was 40 or 50 years ago.  Yes, you will sight the number of advancements in medicine and physics and law that will counter my argument. However, if the percent of people who have no values is greater than it used to be, than all the numbers you sight are negated.  Or, stated another way, there were more “good” people back in the day than there are today.

Ipso facto: They were the “good” old days!



  1. You sound like I feel sometimes. Then other times I see only good.

    1. The vast majority of the time, I do too, Phyllis. I get out of bed each day with abundant optimism and thank God for the opportunity of a new day. I see everyone as a child of God and treat them in kind. But this incident had a negative effect on me but I am getting over it.