Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yesterday was outstanding!  Entertaining and educational as only Salvador Dali can make it.  In 2010 a new museum was opened in St Petersburg to house a private collection of Salvador Dali’s work.  The collection is quite extensive.  The museum offers insights into this popular master of the 20th century that just about anyone would enjoy.  Many of the originals hanging in this collection I had studied in the art history classes I took when I was in school.  I was amazed at the extreme scale in which this artist worked.  So many of his paintings are almost in miniature and many are monumental and he seems to have made the change in size seamlessly.

Dali was very much a self-promoter and showman which inspired some of our photos.


Today we did laundry and cleaned house.   The house is pretty small so it doesn't take very long but laundry is still laundry - but no ironing!
We are ready for Independence Day!  The campground is throwing a 4th of July picnic with rib eye steak.  We bring a side dish.  It's at 1 PM but they said if you are on time around here, you're late!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!  The greatest country in the world!

God Bless America!

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