Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Time, or at least the measurement of it, is totally an invention of man.  God didn’t invent time as we know it because God is eternal, there is no time in eternity.  Because man invented time, it is imperfect and thus, sometimes an obstacle.

Yesterday, we were in the “Central” time zone.  Today we are back in the “Eastern”.  Because we move a lot we changed some of our clocks so we would know what those around us  know – the correct time.  Other clocks we kept on our old time so we would know not to call at such a late hour, or call too early or calling ahead to a campground to see if they have room for us.  Other than being on time for Mass or being at an attraction when the tour starts or when a store opened or closed, which they do more frequently in small towns, we don’t really live by the clock.  We don’t let the clock run our lives but we still have to be aware of it.

Now we have Direct TV that adds to the time miss-mash.  Because we set up our satellite service in the Central time zone and we have now moved back to the Eastern, the program guide is an hour off.  It will take a phone call to change it. 
All this "what time is it really?" can be a bit confusing.

Natural Time.  Just moving from the beaches of eastern North Carolina to the mountains of North Carolina you notice a change in when the sun rises and sets.  You can even notice it in Florida when moving from the east to west coasts.  I don’t have a watch or an alarm clock so I can awaken and get up whenever I want, or so I tell myself.

Dogs, on the other hand, while they can’t tell time, always know what time it is.  Our motorhome has a skylight that tells Lobo and Juniper when morning arrives and that human guy called “Bob” always takes them out to relieve themselves and check their messages left by other dogs and critters. They don’t care what it says on the microwave or on my tablet computer.  Nor do they care if I happen to be sleeping.  “Hey, bud, it’s time to move it!  Let’s go!”  They do the same when it’s dinner time.  Oh, yeah; they can’t talk either but they communicate very well.

Sorry, no pictures, you all know what a clock looks like.


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