Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some people may think we are in paradise.  Indeed, this part of Florida is often described as “paradise”.  You have to admit that it has a natural beauty and charm.  Flowers bloom year round.  The air is cleaner washed as it is by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic.  The sky seems closer to you and you feel like you are looking at everything in High Definition. 

But in everyday life there are ups and downs and even Florida has its negatives.

 First, it’s hot in the summer.  The daily highs are no more than other places in the country are during the summer but because of the latitude the sun has more of a bite to it and the temperature of the interior of cars and RV’s can rise when the sun is directly on them.  But that is what air conditioning is for and as long as we are plugged into 50 amp electrical service, we are quite comfortable.  But without it, the conditions can get uncomfortable quickly.  Yesterday the high was around 93.  After our gallivant we were glad to get home, watch some TV and cook up something in the microwave for dinner.  More than likely everyone else in the park was doing pretty much the same.  When the microwave came on the A/C went off.  The microwave continued running because it is on the inverter.  I quickly checked our battery bank and saw the voltage reporting 12.4 volts.  Ordinarily it would show 13.4 volts which is the float charge if we are hooked up to 120 volt service.  So I knew we were now using battery power instead of campground electric service.  I quickly checked our circuit breakers. They were OK so I went outside to check the breaker at the post.  One side of the 50 amp breaker was down.  I re-set it and we soon had A/C blowing again.  Too many folks using up the available current.

Second, bugs, bugs and more bugs.  The campgrounds we have stayed at recently are all very nice except for the bugs.  Little biting flies we call no-see-ums because they are so small you can hardly see them.  Mosquitoes. The huge everglades and all the salt marshes and swamps in this low lying land breed Mosquitoes.  And the mosquitoes know when there is fresh meat in the area – namely me.  I have been slathering on the insect repellant and not sitting outside as much as I would like.  I have noticed that many folks who work outdoors here wear long sleeve shirts, gloves, long pants, boots and a fedora type hat with mosquito netting that covers their whole head.  I wonder how I would fare in an outfit like that?

OK.  That’s about all I can complain about for now.

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