Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Just to bring you up to speed on our travels:  Last week from July 21 to 25 we were in Cumming, GA to visit a dear friend who used to go the same church we did.  Ila Martin lives with her daughter's family and they recently had to move from the Charlotte area to Atlanta.

Ila is a lovely, vivacious, creative person who has not let age slow her down.  She is as inquisitive and as vibrant as she has ever been.  Her stories of some of the things she has done would make an interesting book.  She is also an expert quilter who pushes the envelope of the media.

It was great to see her again.   I believe that God puts certain people into our lives at very specific times to help us.  Ila certainly helped us to make the decision to go full-timing by reminding us that we are only as old as we make ourselves to be and to keep on living life with all your energy all the time.

God bless, you Ila, and thanks.

Last Saturday we moved to Lexington, SC where we will stay until Sunday, August 3rd when we will drive to Sunset Beach, NC.

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