Thursday, July 24, 2014

Being Crazy

I have been asked, “You’re doing what?!” and “How do you drive something that big?” and “Isn’t it scary? I could never do that” and “Why would leave a perfectly good house and live on the road at your age?” when they might have been really thinking “They’re crazy!”
Yeah, we are. 
I guess we are doing this because it is exciting and to “play it safe” is not what we are about.  “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space” is one bumper sticker I have seen around the internet.  It is about LIVING.  Living means taking risks, doing things differently, being creative.  It means sharing with others our own faith and the joy, life, grace and peace we have been blessed with.  It means listening to what they have to say and see what they have done.
Each morning brings with it a promise of something new.  The light breaking on the horizon dispels the dark thoughts and frightening emotions that may have crept into the loneliness of our bed. The light brings with it the truth that we are not alone and reveals to us a creation that expands out beyond our perceptions and makes us want to explore it.
Each time we “break camp” I get excited and anxious because we are doing something different and new and going to some place we have never been before.  Once we are on the road I breathe a little easier and calm down a little and relax a bit.  The highway is familiar.  Phaeth dutifully responds to my touches the way she should.  I am comfortable doing this.  This is what we are supposed to be doing.
As we get closer to our destination I become more anxious.  Will it be what I expect?  Will I be able to maneuver into our spot?  Will everything work OK?  What will I be called upon to do?  Will I be able to handle it?  It’s new.  It’s different.  It is risk.  My heart beats a little faster, I become more alert.  Then when we have set the parking break, the jacks, the slides, hooked up electric, water and sewer and put out the awnings and door mat and walked the dogs and Joanie has done the thousand things she does to un-store stuff, we sit back with a cold drink and take a deep breath and grin with satisfaction and give each other a good fist bump. 
All is right with the world!
So this is being crazy...

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  1. We've been on the road into our fifth year. Could not have said it better.