Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hope gets a nose job.  Monday we got a call from Campers Inn in nearby Kings Mountain, NC that they had received all the parts for the tow package and that they could begin work as early as Tuesday if I wanted.  The tow package has been the one modification that has been holding us up so We said emphatically and enthusiastically, " HECK YEAH!"

So yesterday I was up early and fighting morning rush hour traffic around the Charlotte metroplex to get from Fort Mill, SC to Kings Mountain by 8:30 AM.  Then I had to wait in their freezing waiting room for almost 7 hours while they drilled holes, cranked nuts and bolts, spliced wires and shoved cables on our beloved Hope.  They did a good job performed by an experienced RV tech.  However, one negative (besides the over abundance of air conditioning in the waiting room) is the policy of not allowing the RV owner any where near the work area.  It was almost like they did not want you to know what was going on.  People are very concerned about what strangers do to their abodes.  Tom Johnson RV in Concord, NC allows owners to see what is going on and advises the owners of the progress.  Campers Inn needs to re-think this policy.

Service work done by RV dealers ain't cheap either!  Parts take time to acquire. So be sure you have thought through all the details of what you want done.

Our entire tow package consisted of:
Ready Brute Elite tow bar & supplemental surge brake combo
Blue Ox base plate
Blue Ox universal clevises
Tail light wiring kit
7 to 6 pin coiled electric cable (this connects the turn signals and brake lights of Phaeth to Hope)
Ready Brute breakaway kit (this applies the brakes on the toad in the event the tow bar fails)
Ready Brute tow bar rock deflector (this saves Hope from rocks being thrown by Phaeth)
Ready Brute tow bar cover (this protects the tow bar when not being used)

You can see the shiny clevises attached to the black base plate and the electrical connection and brake loop connection in the center under the bumper.
With labor at $120.00 per hour the whole thing came to $3,261.29.  Ouch!  My consolation is that it will last a long time, God willing.  The material is probably the best.  The tow bar is rated at 8,000 lbs and Hope is a diminutive 4,000 lbs.  The supplemental brake system is one of the most popular and simplicity in its engineering makes it extremely reliable.  I am still adding 2 tons to the vehicle I am driving (we are now over 37,000 lbs) which means that even using Hope's brakes, we need a longer stopping distance.  I need to keep that in mind when driving.


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