Friday, June 6, 2014

Homeless?  Yesterday I put on a button down shirt, long pants and dress shoes to go to the closing attorney's office.  Joanie dressed up and helped me look presentable.  We were introduced to the buyers of our old stick & brick house.  What a happy and joyous closing!  The young couple were so excited and while they tried to act with decorum, you could tell they were giddy.  We were happy to be able to detach ourselves from the last anchor that had been holding us back.  The de-stuffing process was now finally, officially, irrevocably over!  There were smiles on the faces of the real estate agents and the lawyer even cracked a smile as she tried to keep us all on focus of what needed to be done.  She had to conduct the signing ceremony under the banter of the new owners and old owners asking questions, giving tips, telling stories.  Later our agent told us that that was one of the happiest closings she had ever attended.

"OK, let's go home."  That is what we said to each other as we climbed into Hope and pulled out of the lawyer's parking lot.  A great feeling of relief and lifting of stress over came us.  We headed home to Phaeth and the dogs, had lunch and took a nap.

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