Thursday, June 19, 2014

Butterfly World

Yesterday we went to Coconut Creek, Florida to visit this popular attraction.  Some people describe the experience as walking back into the garden of paradise.  The gardens are indeed beautiful and the butterflies are so numerous it is almost like snow in the air.  It is a serene and totally relaxing feeling and you have the time and opportunity to appreciate the wonder that is God's creation. 

It is also a wonderful learning experience about the life cycle of the butterfly and their migratory antics.  They also have a marvelous insect zoo that will give you creepy crawlies. And the birds are marvelous!  They have aviaries of small colorful African birds.  And they had some that you can get close to, also.

As a tip you should take a "real" camera with you.  Don't rely on your handy smart phone camera.  The shutter speeds are much too slow to capture the visual experience that are butterflies.  Even though it was overcast, there was enough light for the smart phone camera to do its job but you need shutter speeds above 1000th of a second to do any justice to the little creatures.

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