Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making the Jump!  We are now "camping out" in an empty house.  We have just enough dishes, pots and pans and stuff so we can eat.  We have just enough clothes to be decent.  Because the new buyers don't have much, they are purchasing our dining room set so we don't have to eat off the floor.  We are essentially living down stairs sleeping on the foldout couch. Pretty good for a couple of old folks who want adventure. 

The new buyers are also getting our washer and dryer and all kitchen appliances which make the adventure a bit easier.

We were asked "Why don't you leave now?".  The answer is: we are required by the homeowner's insurance to "live in the house" in order for it to be covered.  If we moved out early and something happened to the house, we would risk our claim not being covered. 

We are just waiting for the closing now.  We have reservations at the local KOA and will move Phaeth there at the end of them month and will start to set her up for real then.  Immediately after closing we will trade in "Joanie's car" (named Aubergine) at get a Jeep Wrangler.  We will then have Camper Inn in Kings Mountain, NC to install the tow and supplemental brake package. That may take a week to 10 days to complete mostly waiting on the parts we want.

We still have to notify the utilities and newspaper to stop service.  I hope we don't forget any. 

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