Sunday, May 18, 2014

Busy.  Now that we have a closing date on the S&B house and the inspection required a few things to fix up, we have been busy.  My nephew, David, and my younger son, Chris, were here last weekend to remove the last pieces of furniture and my beloved truck. 

Now that is a milestone in our de-stuffing process.  If humans really can "love" an object, then I loved that truck.  At least I can say I was "attached" to it in practical way if not an emotional way because I did not shed any tears when David drove it away.  It was our "second car" that granted both Joanie and I our own independence. Now we only have "her" car until we trade it in when get "our" toad which will be in a couple weeks.  It kinda' brings us closer together.  It means that we will "share" more.  These are good things.

 We are gradually moving into Phaeth and wish we could do it NOW!  But I must learn to practice the virtue of patience. In a way we have been blessed to be able to do all this over a period of time that does not cause us a lot of anxiety and having to do things "at the last minute".  The process has been almost leisurely and has allowed us to take the time to make good, thoughtful decisions about how to get rid of items or who to give it to.  

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