Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April Fools !

April 1, 2014 Tuesday  After all the anxiety you might believe that this was an April Fools trick.  Our real estate agent called this evening and said that we have an offer!  "No April Fools!"  She emailed us a contract.  It is less than we are offering in price and they want until June for a closing.  So we are countering by splitting the difference in price and asking for a more normal closing date in May.  The buyers are currently leasing and cannot get out of it so they want to minimize their financial outlay.

This may fall through but we have already reduced price from when they first viewed the house so I believe that we are being fair.

We will find out tomorrow.

We have some painters here today to power wash the house and some cosmetic fix ups which I hope will be done by Saturday.  We have also scheduled a landscaper to spruce up the yard. 

Tonight, extra prayers.

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