Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9, 2014 Wednesday. The Tiffin Travelers rally here in Foley, Alabama has been a lot of fun.  We went shopping with Boots and Joan yesterday and then met with all the other TT's at the American Legion hall in Gulf  Shores for dinner and dancing. The prime rib was excellent!  I had not done that much dancing in awhile so I was zonked.  I have also been eating too much.

Some of you have asked for more pictures:  Here's where we are parked in Bella Terra.  That's Boots and Joan's Allegro Bus behind us to the left.  Tiffins far out number SOBs here.  Must be a couple dozen. Only 15 are TTs.  But this is Alabama and Tiffins are made in Red Bay, AL so I guess that is to be expected.

Here is wider shot:
Bella Terra is well manicured, pristine and upscale. But even in the best of places, things don't always work as they should; our cable doesn't work.  However we have not had time to sit and watch TV at all while we have been here.

Today we head out into the Gulf of Mexico for a small boat cruse.  The air is a bit cool, so bundle up!

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