Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014, Monday  During the night Sunday the heavens opened up and it poured.  3 Creeks Camp Ground became 5 Creeks.  I resorted to donning my rain suit to walk the dogs in the morning and Joanie had towels ready to wipe them down when we came back.  The creeks roared with running water and I began to get anxious to get out of there and on the road.  I knew that was not a good idea; to mix it up with trucks and Monday morning workers in rush hour traffic so we sat still to wait for the rain to stop.  And waited. Finally by about 10:30 the rain ceased and I quickly pulled up stakes (that means performing the black water and gray water holding tanks dump, disconnect the water and electricity, pull in the slides and awnings and pull up the stabilizing jacks).

Because of our late start we didn't arrive in Foley until about 4 PM (mid-west time zone). . However, we still made it to the happy hour and boiled shrimp and crayfish dinner at the clubhouse and began to meet new Tiffin owners.  We also found Joan and Boots whom we had not seen since the FMCA at Perry, GA last month.  Had a nice catch-up with them.  Very enjoyable!

Bella Terra RV Resort is located outside Foley, Alabama.  This part of the country on the Gulf Coast is FLAT!  The land is divided up by the best right angle surveying practices humans can execute so the roads run straight for miles.  It is impressive how man has imposed his logic upon the surface of God's creation.

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