Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014, Thursday. 

Yesterday we had lunch with the whole of the Tiffin Travelers (TTs) rally at Orange Beach, Alabama then headed out into Bayou St. John, Arnica Bay and By La Launch to find dolphins (porpoises) and we were not disappointed.  They put on a good show.  They love to ride the wake of the boat and body surf. 


When we got back to Bella Terra, we had a very enjoyable "happy hour" and then we all watched "Saving Mr. Banks" in the little theater.  It was a good movie, well done, historical and no bad words anywhere in it. 
This morning I noticed a little sun and wind burn on my face but I feel like I am on vacation.  I am thoroughly enjoying this trip; meeting new friends, sharing experiences of travel adventures and enjoying the fellowship of people who all like to do this.  I am truly relaxing and having fun and Joanie is, too.
Today we had breakfast with the TTs and held our chapter meeting.  Joanie was acting secretary and took the minutes. The rally was officially ended although several will stay a few more days.  We will hit the road tomorrow morning.  We did a little housekeeping; laundry mostly.  Because our house is only about 400 or 500 square feet in size, it doesn't take long.  I spent an hour finding a place to stay tomorrow night on our way back to our stick and brick house.  I was a lot more efficient in the process this time and I am not going to be as anxious about finding just the right place.  We have to be willing to accept what we encounter along the way.  After all that is what makes it an adventure.
Bella Terra is sponsoring a wine and cheese reception this evening and then we have Boots and Joan over for dinner.  I will cook out on a small gas grill we brought along.

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